Wayyyyy late post on Out of the Past… my bad.

so i am in a film noir class currently with Cornell and have really grown to love the genre.  ironically this isn’t my favorite noir though it is said to be the most film noir of all film noirs.  I think that is why i don’t like it as much.  every aspect of film noir is taken to the extreme and obvious.

Jeff’s ambiguous morals are so up front, he is portrayed as a good man but works for the bad guys.  Kathie is the the most diabolical and self motivated fem fatal ever (besides maybe Veda in mildred pierce, but its debatable weather she is the real fem fatal in that film).

the crimes in the film and details of who jeff is working for in his past are a bit ambiguous as they should be.  idk i found myself just not really caring or drawn in by the film.

i do love the ending of the film though where the mute boy tells anne that jeff was running off with kathie.  He lied, which isnt moral, but it was so she could get on with her life which is a good thing.  it sort of encompasses the real theme of the film and noir which is morality.

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  1. I have to say your right dave. The ending was my favorite part of the movie. The movie itself was a little slow at times in my opinion. I did like the use of shadows and lighting. The movie was frustrating , but in a good way as I felt I was enveloped by Jeff’s problems everywhere we followed him.I’m glad you brought out the point of the real theme of film noir is to teach us the lesson of morality especially seen in this film.

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